Corporate reorganization and funding services in a nutshell

In the demanding phases of corporate growth and transition, external expert assistance is most often necessary. CapWell supports your company, when you are seeking for funding to grow and develop your business further.


The phases of client projects

1. Mapping

The mission of CapWell is to understand and coordinate the aims, limitations and different practices of the parties involved in the venture. To succeed in this, we will chart out the intentions of the owners, the strategy of the company and all the possibilities to enhance the business processes of the customer.


2. Planning

CapWell always prepares a tailored plan for the execution of the client’s corporate reorganization or funding. Detailed planning guarantees the success of the reorganization.


3. Execution

CapWell can take the full responsibility of the execution of the reorganization or upon agreement will investigate, evaluate and plan part of the following tasks: Feasibility Study, Due Diligence, corporate valuation, business plan, financial plan, risk analysis and integration plan.


4. After-care

The most important phase of reorganization process, after-care, starts immediately after a successful reorganization project. In this phase, we will help you to integrate the project into existing business, in order to facilitate the most fruitful and comprehensive results possible.

CapWell can implement:

Feasibility Study

We will evaluate the feasibility of the project.
Due Diligence

We will determine the business situation and health of the company.

We will evaluate the sales or purchase price of the business.
Business plan

We will plan the the management and development of a business.
Financial plan

We will chart out and plan the forms and sources of financing.
Risk analysis

We will evaluate the risks of the project and their effect on the overall business.
Integration plan

We will plan the integration of the merged business to the client’s other functions.