A trustworthy partner in company reorganizations and funding

YritysjärjestelyCapWell, a 2006 established company, supports companies and investors in their investment and funding decisions by researching the parties involved or by taking comprehensive responsibility of the reorganization and funding processes. We are a true partner in the execution of corporate reorganization and funding.

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The best experts in the industry

asiantuntijaverkostoWe have a deep understanding of our clients’ industries and markets. For each case individually, we will assemble the best possible team from our international network of experts.

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Professional support for companies who are in transition

KonsulttiOur clients are growth or transition phase companies who are planning or already executing investments and ownership rearrangements.

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This is how we can support your company

Owners’ intents

To create the basis and strategy for the corporate reorganization, we will chart out the owners’ intents and wishes.

We will acquire and map all necessary information for the planning and executing of corporate reorganization and funding.

We will form solid strategies to back the reorganization process and support the future business.

We will help you in the planning of funding, finding investors and executing the financial arrangements.

We will plan the whole reorganization process and assist you with the practical arrangements in the execution phase.