Ownership and funding arrangement


Client: Consulting company, Finland
Size of the target company: 120 people
Turnover of the target company: 8,0 million Euros
Time span of the project: 06/2010 – 10/2010

A company offering expert consultancy in the fields of environmental and industry analytics had grown in the ownership of private equity investors for five years. The further development of the company required a new strategy, and by that, a new owner and financial base. CapWell advised the owners in arranging the required funding.

Ten private investors were collected to become the new owners of the company. All of them had strong knowledge in the company’s industry and clientele, and were ready to develop the company in long-term by actively supporting the management of the company. The new owners’ special expertise came from the fields and industries of the company’s clients.

From the side of CapWell, a specialist of funding arrangements and corporate reorganization was managing the project. As a consequence of the project, the strategy of the company was changed completely. The strategy was developed by a CapWell led team consisting of the company’s owners, board members and managers. The company’s turnover has grown since 2010 by about 30 %.

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