Feasibility study


Client: International bank
Target company: A Russian company owned by private investors
Size of the target company: 500 people
Turnover of the target company: approx. 100 million Euros
Time span of the project: 05/2013-12/2013

The client company of the bank is one of the largest suppliers of its industry in the Russian market. Due to fast growth during the previous years, the production capacity of the company was closing to its maximum. The company was planning to establish a Greenfield factory project, aimed to double the production capacity and to extend the product portfolio of the company to a new market segment.

The company applied for a loan from an investment bank. To evaluate the solvency of the company, the bank ordered a feasibility study from CapWell, which covered the commercial and technical aspects regarding the company’s current business, new factory plans and its operations. The bank was particularly interested in the evaluation of the company’s competitiveness in comparison to its competitors.

The CapWell team consisted of a market researcher focused in researching the industry of the target company, a consultant specialized in enhancement of production in the industry, a logistics consultant from the target country and a general manager who had worked a long time in the industry of the target company. The team had a strong background in international business regarding the industry and the markets of Russia and Eastern Europe.

The feasibility study offered the bank a clear and precise picture of the target company based on which the bank could do its funding decision. The board of directors and the management of the target company thanked of the valuable knowledge they can concretely utilize in the execution and further development of the new investment.

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